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Accurate heat,
only where needed.

We help growers utilize real-time data to minimize energy costs.

Agrowfab combines real-time reactive heating elements with data analytics precision controlling to help greenhouse owners optimize energy usage and crop performance. Whether you're a grower, dealer, or advisor, we provide expert support to help you improve profitability across your business.

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Heating mats in customizable size and power positioned directly underneath plant’s roots.

· Proprietary high-efficiency electrical heating mats.
· Dynamic heated surface area providing IR spectrum heat.
· Renewable-energy source compatibility.


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· Measure changes in soil temperature and uniformity over time.
· Easily compare performance between rows or varietals and against baselines.
· Enhance grow protocols for increased yield and quality.


Our high-resolution microclimate sensors provide real-time soil and root data for pinpointed accuracy and energy management. 

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· Power modulation per heated zone.
· Usage limitation and prioritization. 
· See the full picture by integrating        fertigation data with in-soil sensors.


Our data analytics control software manages power demand to maintain a precise root temperature. 

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